Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fixed My Computer: Small Victories.

Lately I’ve been sick or something has gone wrong. For instances, my computer is sick right now or at least it hates me. So I’m currently praying for the Technology Gods or Communications Gods to fix it.  Or I could just erase everything on my computer and start all over again.  Sounds like a good plan, but I don’t know.

So it has put down in the dumps and I want to fix it, it’s not working. I know the best thing to do is call some one to fix it. But I always do that, getting someone doing it for me. But this time I will fix it myself as it is about time that I do. So off I’m going to find a solution.

I fixed it!! OMG! It has taken me all day to do this. I went on the net a few times over to see what this means or what that meant. Eventually I got there.  I was so please and found out that it was some sort of virus; and I fixed it. This has given me a lot of confidence.

It’s strange how the little things in life can build confidence in you. I guess it is the little things in life that matters. I know that was typical to say, but it is true. I think this is restoring my faith in me again.  I’ve had so many knock backs lately, I need this little victory, oh hell, I’m going to bask in it.


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