Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

I was never the prettiest girl in High School but I was nice looking girl.  So one day I meet a boy when I was 14 years old he was 15.  He was nice looking too.  You know we were the same kind of status. We hung out and laughed.  I was happy.  

So after a while of courting, flirting I was waiting for those words “do you want to go out with me”, from him.  So it is the afternoon and my home phone rings and it is Chris (not his actual name) and we were talking and laughing.... So he turned around all nervous. I was nervous and excited

“So Sunny, I have known you for a long time now”
“I really like you and...” I interrupted “yeah.”
“Well, it’s just I wanted to say that I think you are a nice girl, it’s just that I like Nicola.  I would go out with you but it is just Nicola is well, she is really cool and she knows a lot of cool people. I have been trying to go out with her for ages can you put in a good word”

At this point I am boiling, the social climber..I scream out “WHAT!! You want to go out with my friend, you realise she is actually going out with my friend, you know Michael”

There is silence on the other line. “she is dating some one else and Micheal, why him? Whats so great about him”.  I did not know how to respond to him, I just got mad, he was using me.I was the link to the popular kids,then I told him stupidly “they have a funny chicken dance they do together, because it is funny to do” …..CLICK. The next day I turn 15.
So years went by. I’ve finished High School, I am blossoming into a woman. I am waiting for my friends outside a bar at night and I decided to go in and get a glass of Orange Juice  while I am waiting. As I am ordering my juice I bump into Chris. He is telling me what he is doing and basically trying to impress me. He is flirting, he likes what he sees. And then he tells me those words. “do you want to go out with me”. I don’t even finish my juice. I just say “NO” I walk away.

I smile and say Happy Birthday.

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